Bathroom Attendant
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I arrived early around 4:30 in the afternoon so that I had plenty of time to set my counter up completely before the evening dinner rush.  Each day, before I remove my entire display I always take a look around, take stock of the entire bathroom, and evaluate the situation of the room.   

It’s very important to know if there are any types of dirty spots that aren’t clean prior to setting up the display, because if you need to do a good scrubbing after you are set up, you’ll just end up having to move your table, which for me, usually means that things will fall off and break, or at least get a little dirty, and no one wants to touch a dirty bottle of anything inside of a bathroom no matter how good the restaurant as a whole is. 

The Mens Room this particular Friday was in decent shape, so I lightly scrubbed the sole toilet, both urinals, sinks, mirror, and marble countertop just to top off the sparkle that the day time cleaner left for me, and my customers.  Note: I would have mopped the floor at this point if it was deemed necessary, and if it would have made a difference, but since I could see that it was mopped good by the daytime cleaner, another mopping by myself wouldn’t have done much difference, if any, due to the deep beige color that the tiles have.

After all surfaces were glistening with the sparkle that I love to see, I sanitized the door.  This is an absolute necessity for me to do since most daytime cleaning people will only polish the handle, and I would feel just awful inside the entire night, thinking that my door is spreading germs nonstop, when I could easily keep control of the germ count on the door.   Which is why every so often, I’ll sanitize the door again throughout the night.

Polishing and sanitizing are two very different processes.  While a surface looking shiny is great, and the customer expects shiny, being fully sanitized means that not many germs are actively living, the customer expects this too, although most of them don’t consciously think about germs being on a surface if the object is shiny.  Trust me, a doorknob can hold lots of germs and still allow you to see your reflection in it. 

So I just did what I would hope all other bathroom attendants do each day.  I took out my Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, which kills 99.99% on all germs and bacteria.  I used them all over the doorknobs, and all surfaces of the door from roughly three to six and a half feet in height, this includes the ever-important side of the door that remains unseen when the door is closed.  You wouldn’t believe how many hands touch the same spot on the side of the door during one night; so don’t think that you’re slick by simply gripping the door by the side, instead of at the doorknob.

After calming my mind with knowing that the door is safe for people to handle (God I love puns), I unfolded my table, unzipped my bags, and set up my display.  Various colognes, aftershaves, spray deodorants, powders, lotions, combs, and hair products all went neatly out on the table to give a uniform effect.  Out came a stack of paper towels, and my plastic fishbowls, one full of Tootsie Roll Pops, and the other full of other non lollipop candies, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Rolls, small boxes of Nerds, and gum, the usual. 

I then unfolded my chair, hoped for a great night of business, waited for the night to begin with only the thoughts inside my head, and found myself to be at peace with the world once again.

This all might seem a little arduous and time consuming to task myself with all of this cleaning to most of the guys that enter the Mens Room, considering that I’m only the lowly bathroom attendant in most of their eyes, but it’s my job, I take it as serious as if I were a neurosurgeon prepping for surgery, and believe it or not, customers do remember how clean the bathrooms are, and will think lesser of a great tasting restaurant if it has a filthy bathroom.  In my eyes, my self-imposed cleaning policy helps the restaurant keep doing well, and to this, the customer’s reward me kindly for this.